Our Initiatives

SOUL Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that’s part of SOUL Church, Norwich. We believe that every person matters, and we want to show love, care and empathy to all. We give a helping hand to those who are most in need, within our city and internationally.


Insert sentence about Norwich and surrounding area to set the context. We’re currently involved in the initiatives below.

SOUL Streets

Working in partnership with the Salvation Army, we go out onto the streets of Norwich and provide food and drink to the homeless. We have a food trailer so we’re able to serve hot, nourishing meals.


We visit the YMCA weekly to build relationships with these vulnerable young people. We show God’s unconditional love by being real and consistent. Most weeks we take in tasty food, chat and play games. We’re also planning monthly activities, such as BBQs, movie nights and make your own pizza night.

SOUL Community

Every Friday, SOUL Church opens its doors for a free community lunch, open to all. We offer guests the use of our shower, washing machine and tumble dryer while they visit for lunch. Why not join us one Friday?


Insert sentence about global initiatives. Why we support them and how the partnership works (as we don't execute ourselves but rather support other organisations on the ground.)

Vision Rescue, Mumbai, India

There are around 300,000 children living on the streets of Mumbai – and even with all the help out there, it’s thought only 15,000 of them receive any kind of care and attention. Vision Rescue run four buses in the city, giving out food and non-formal education to 500 street children. They also have medical and dental vans, run outreach teams who offer counselling and support to the marginalised and provide shelter and a safe place for trafficked girls. 

Nehemiah Trust, Karachi, Pakistan

Aimed at ‘helping the helpless’, the trust provides resources and facilities to improve the lives, health and future of the underprivileged. They promote physical, psychological and socio-economic education for those in need, helping them turn their lives around. They run schooling programmes, health clinics, support those in poverty and generally look out for those who don’t easily find help through public or private sectors. 

Philippine Outreach Centre, Philippines (POC)

POC began in 1983 and has grown hugely ever since. Helping prisoners and their families, it offers shelter, food, education and a church community for the children of those in jail and those living in poverty, as well as for the ex-prisoners at the end of their sentence. Former inmates work at POC to visit those currently in prison, helping follow up cases, attending court hearings and sharing the hope of Jesus. 

Tembaletu, South Africa

A school for ‘differently abled’ children, founded in 1974. Over the years it’s grown to 19 classrooms with offices, a medical bay and therapy rooms and is one of only four special needs schools in the Western Cape. They currently have over 180 students enrolled. Our giving helps fund school buses to transport the children between home and school each day, books, equipment and new technology. 

Compassion, Togo

We link people in the church with children living in poverty. Each sponsor helps provide for their child’s education, health checks and the care of a local church-based Compassion project. There’s no fix to global poverty but this programme does change lives, giving children a brighter future and impacting their families and community too.

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